The touch of Mastro

One of our unique competentces consists in praising and privileging noble fibers, pure or in mèlange between them,from yarn approtriately selected for quality, naturalnessand the brigtness of the fiber.

Our texture privelege plain, thick structures, recalling the tradition, as the large, bulky weaves, which recall basker weaveand matting,he honeycomb piquè, the  “pippiones” and  “epingle” textures, the cascadesof wool applied to linen ( LinoLana), the natural linen in a gauze texture plain or embroideredall over ton sur ton.

History MastroRaphael

In the early ears, the small tailoring workshop of Via Dei Ducchi, in the narrow streets of the old town, became a popular meeting place for  Italian and foregn artists.

First and foremost Maestro Giancarlo Menotti, a composer awarded with two Pulitzer Prizes and the director and founder of the Festival of the Two Words, an important review in the italian cultural scene, with an annual summer program of music, theater and dance.